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Being a successful entrepreneur is not only about having the best ideas

Got a fab idea? Turn it into a business! It ain’t all that simple

Being a successful entrepreneur is all about having the best ideas. Is it true? Having the idea is just the beginning of the journey but it takes an army to build a successful business. Ideation and Execution are equally important for a business to flourish. While having a brilliant idea at a macro level is a great starting point, without the ability to execute the idea at the micro level — to take that idea and turn it into a living, breathing, viable organization — you’re doomed to fail.

The Entrepreneurship bug as they call it, is something that I’ve had within me for a long time now. Having worked at multiple Organisations (including a start-up) across various business functions I decided to take the plunge and do something on my own. Of course, I had my share of doubts, the biggest fear being - failure! But I decided to give it a shot anyway.

Building something from scratch has pros and cons and if you don’t have the conviction and commitment then entrepreneurship is not meant for you. There is no place for procrastination in a startup, it is a 24/7, no-vacation-or-sick-days kind of job that demands constant forward momentum.

Yes, running your own business gives you the flexibility and the freedom to work when you want to and travel when you want to but it also comes with its responsibilities

The first couple of years are absolutely crucial and unless you are going to give it your 100% you won’t see success. As a working mother I always find it hard to find the right balance and more often than not I end up guilt tripping myself for no valid reason.

There is a very big difference between just doing something you love and you are passionate about (more like a hobby) vis a vis running a full-fledged business (intention is profitability) which by the way you can also be passionate about (in act you should be). I bake a lot and I love baking for friends and family. I am very passionate about food and baking. But do I bake to make a sale? The answer is no, I bake to please. I don’t have any intention of starting a baking business.

I’ve had some good ideas and wanted to scale them into a profitable business too. I’ve always believed up until now that there are two kinds of people: the ideators and executors. All my life I’ve assumed I’m the latter but very soon I realized I can be both, I just have to believe in myself and give it my 100% and success will follow.

Great entrepreneurs see people as their greatest asset and treat them accordingly. They listen as well as talk. I have seen how entrepreneurs step up, gather courage and do things they never thought they would do when they launched their own business.

Also please remember - You’re never too old to be an entrepreneur! Please remember that path breaking ideas can come to anyone at any age. So, if you have a great idea and the conviction and ability to pursue it, the sky's the limit. Go for it! It’s never too late!

Everything is possible if you have the will to accomplish it!

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