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Chapter Exchange At LIM
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PMI Chapter Xchange


PMI Chapter Xchange is a chapter outreach initiative. A virtual collaboration platform for chapter leaders and members to connect, collaborate and co-create. 

We can’t do it alone. Whether it’s partnering with a colleague, client, company or non-profit organization, each of us brings something unique to the table. And we are made stronger when we work together. 

Our vision is to evangelize cross chapter collaboration and encourage cultural diversity. 


Projects are delivered by people, but winning projects are delivered by teams. Project delivery relies on team players and people who contribute added value to any project, making the team stronger. 

Teamwork at PMI Chapter Xchange means building on each other's strengths. 


The people that are part of our world make it what it is today. Our community is one of our most valuable assets. We celebrate it and keep it going by welcoming all who wish to join us to make the world a better place.

We strive to build a community of chapter leaders, members. While we build a community, we open up opportunities to speak at chapter forums, author local chapter publications and to network with fellow project managers from partner chapters.


Change and transformation, while at times unfamiliar, spur progress. Whether it’s skill development or organizational expansion, growth brings new opportunities into our economy—and contributes to the greater good.

If you are a chapter leader and wish to join our community, express your interest by reaching out to any one of the following:

Priya Patra (VP Outreach) :

PMI Chapter Xchange Team :

Please visit our YouTube channel for videos of PMI Chapter Xchange sessions from current and past season.