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November 2021

the pandemic continues! But for how long? When are we going to see the end of the tunnel? Will it be business as usual come 2022? Surely, all of us have collectively written off the balance of 2021 (using an analogy of rains washing out play for the remainder of the day in a cricket match)!

All the articles in this issue July 2021 points to crisis handling. Sayali Pradhan talks about handling crisis at the emotional level. She puts
forth the opinion that life is more than just salary and job titles.

Prakalp is the in-house magazine of PMI Mumbai Chapter and is being published since the early days of the Chapter – either in the physical or electronic form. Prakalp aims at enhancing the knowledge of our readers by publishing articles from thought leaders from varied industries and sectors. The authors share their unique perspectives on best practices, trends, new developments and news that have an implicit as well as explicit impact in the world of project management.

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