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Prakalp is our periodical publication. You can download all our historically archived issues here 

December 2022

If you think Hybrid is a recent phenomenon, think again. It has been around for some time. Remember, our childhood, when completing the school craft or drawing needed to be a hybrid activity? With help from your mother (or father, or elder sibling)! If your parent was more talented than your classmate’s, then rest assured, you garnered more stars or more marks from your teacher. 

The same logic made its way in how you answered your test papers. Wasn’t it a hybrid activity to get the answers picked up from the guy in front of you? It was another matter if that guy - your savior turned out to be as much as a dud as you were. Then the hybrid effort went down the drain. Remember the ad for a mobile company which featured Abhishek Bachchan? “What an idea Sirji!” so ran the tagline. In the ad when rural children cannot attend classroom study, the content was made available to the children at home through a WIFI connection and a mobile. Serendipitously, ‘Work from Home’, was kickstarted thus, I think a good ten years back. What an idea sirji.

This issue of Prakalp coincides with PMI’s South Asian Conference on 9th and 10th December 2022 at Nehru Centre, Worli, Mumbai. Mumbai Chapter are the proud hosts. We have a host of speakers specially curated keeping in mind the theme and audience. Shailesh Gandhi and Russell Ahmed, two distinguished speakers have contributed to this issue of Prakalp as ‘contributors by invitation.’ One of the notable features in this issue is re-publishing a few select articles from our archives – Prakalp has an archive which goes back two decades! We have re-published seven such articles from our archives – right from 2002.

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