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What it takes to be an Entrepreneur

It's an exciting moment to be an entrepreneur, as technological advancements have levelled the field and sparked a new entrepreneurial movement. I remember when I started my show. Of course, I was jobless by choice and waiting for my flight to resume for Australia. After leaving my job with my last company, where I worked for 14 years and then not working was daunting. 10-15 days post quitting my job was good; now I get up and do nothing. However, 2nd and 3rd months were killing me. My irritation was at the top, and I was making myself and my wife crazy. Of course, the lockdown was another aspect to drive me crazy.

I didn't want to get a job in India as it would be unfair for any organization if I joined for few months and left.

Besides, we save money for emergencies, and this was one. So I decided to do something on my own. I decided to start my show and my program on storytelling. One day I will share everything that I had to do to move forward, starting from mindset.

For now, here are some key aspects that I think will help anyone who wants to be an entrepreneur. Note I am far from being one; however, I am on the PATH of being one -

Don't be in a hurry to Quit Your Day Job ….. If you're establishing an internet business, consider doing it while still employed and generating a steady income. Start-ups take anywhere from six months to a year, and you don't want your capacity to pay the mortgage depending on how well your business does. Start small, both monetarily and in terms of time, then grow as your business grows

Find Your Niche …. General stores are no longer in business. Consumers are looking for specialty stores, especially online. You must identify a need—something that a specific set of individuals desires but cannot obtain from large chain stores—and then satisfy it. "You can't compete with the big guys," Lesonsky advises, "so you have to locate where the big companies aren't and go into your niches."

Online is EVERYTHING… No matter your plans for an online retail business, the internet may still benefit your company. Having an online presence helps you access millions of new clients and removes the limitations of a physical location. Even if you're doing it in your neighborhood, it's a great way to spread the word about yourself and meet new people.

Refuse to Quit… Entrepreneurship necessitates creativity, enthusiasm, and a willingness to keep trying even when things don't go as planned. Few people know that Bill Gates first tried his hand at Microsoft 1.0 and 2.0, both of which were a resounding failure. Despite this, Gates continued. Entrepreneurs who succeed have a steadfastness and refusal to give up that sets them apart from those who fail. Lesonsky advises, "Arm oneself with optimism to go through the 'No' or the difficulties." If you fail once, don't try it again.

Mr. Amit Khanna is a Project manager and Agile coach. With more than 17 years of Data-warehousing experience, he feels blessed to work with incredible teams on varied business and technical projects in global companies. Currently settled in Melbourne, Australia, is continues to be a volunteer with the PMI Mumbai chapter from 2015-2018. And has presented many sessions at NMIMS and SIES, Nerul. He calls himself a Storyteller who is on a mission to impact a million corporate lives to help them with better communication skills through the Art and Science of Storytelling. He also has a podcast on YouTube with more than 55 episodes where he talks to people about their success journey in their life impacting several others.

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