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WOW, WEC - Initiative

(Transforming Mind)

Globally, we have observed that there are challenges for women employees to grow up the ladder in the middle and senior management levels across various industries.

With some guidance for women on various aspects of professional and personal development through various sessions can help bridge this gap by mutual learning and inspiration.


PMI India has initiated the Women Engagement Committee (WEC). This committee is at regional level and chapter level to encourage, engage and empower the women volunteers.

One of the PMI Mumbai Chapter’s initiative is this WEC group known as “WOW – Women Of Wonders”. This initiative provides women volunteers a platform to learn, interact, share and engage the women professionals to facilitate encouragement to take up leadership roles under the series called  HOW TO WOW (Transforming Mind). Under this series WOW-WEC team conducts activities like Webinars, Panel Discussions, Mentoring Programs, etc. to provide platform to women to Empower them.


This is a small step towards women empowerment at workplaces.

Under the series HOW TO WOW (Transforming Mind), the activities conducted by our WOW volunteers:

We all need to De-stress.

Webinar on Stress Management in Day to DaDay-to-Day Life. Just being a fun filled session to understand the causes, impact and ways to relieve stress; fantastic tips given by Sayali Pradhan to detect, handle and manage stress in our daily life.

Session on Mentoring

Restarting after a Career Break. Our 2 volunteers Swati Damle and Aparna Kulkarni took this amazing mentoring and discussion session. Many of us, be it a man or woman, may need to take a career break in their lives due to personal reasons. Our mentors discussed how to come back after a break.

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