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Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP)



Everything is first created in our minds. Excellence and growth are rooted in our mindsets. Mind is the most powerful source for all human creation. We all experience the power of the mind; sometimes it can be our best friend, and at other times in can be our worst enemy.


A powerful part of our mind is responsible for our empowering and some not so empowering habitual patterns or tendencies. If we can use our mind in positive ways and break free from some of the undesirable tendencies, we can definitely move faster towards excellence in all walks of our lives.


We live in a world comprising of amazing technological innovations, yet extraordinarily little is known about how the human mind actually works.

What is Neuro Linguistic Programming?


  • Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) is based on study of human excellence in various fields, such as business, therapy, sports, communication, and more.

  • NLP literally stands for Neuro (mind) Linguistic (language) Programming; implying the use of language to change the programs in our mind.

  • Experiencing NLP changes the way you think, view events, and approach your life.

  • Learning NLP is like learning the language of our own mind.

  • Technically NLP may be considered as a toolbox that helps develop a mindset, a mindset that accelerates achievement of goals.

  • With practice, NLP eventually becomes a part of our attitude as well as the methodology of achieving our goals and the results we want.

Purpose of this Workshop -


  • Demystify and understand the mind to harness individual potential.

  • Use the art of powerful and life-enhancing communication.

  • Discover how relationships can be enriched and make then rewarding.

  • Change the way we remember our past, turn negatives into positives, and reframe our life.

  • Achieve goals and learn how to master all areas of personal and professional life.

  • Find practical ideas that can be used to break unwanted habits and limiting beliefs, build confidence and create powerful lasting anchors.

  • Discover how to be more effective in Personal Growth and Organizational Growth

You will learn how to -


  1. Build and maintain rapport which is an important key to successful relationship.

  2. Improve the range of what you are able to see, hear and feel so you that know more about yourself and what’s happening around you.

  3. Gather specific, high-quality information from people and how to use it to achieve desired outcomes.

  4. Generate practical, well-formed outcomes and how to achieve them.

  5. Design interventions to move a person or organization from a present state to a desired state

  6. Create the right context for successful individuals and organizational change

  7. Change unwanted behaviours in positive ways

  8. Determine what is important to yourself and others.

  9. Dissolve fears and anxieties.

  10. Create Your Vision Board.

  11. See what is going on inside others mind.

  12. Talk to other persons mind/thoughts.

  13. Create your own personal state of excellence

  14. Communicate clearly and effectively

  15. Use metaphors to improve effectiveness.

  16. Recognize and use powerful language patterns

  17. Mediate and negotiate more successfully

  18. Develop your behavioral flexibility and creativity

  19. Help yourself and others manage stress, time.

  20. Discover your sweet spot in life, a life of purpose/full fulfilment.

  21. Experience higher peace and happiness with self and other

What are the benefits?


  • COMMUNICATION: Discover the art of powerful and life-enhancing communication with self and others to live to one's potential.

  • RELATIONSHIPS: Discover how relationships can be enriched and make then rewarding for all in personal and professional life.

  • CHANGE PERSONAL HISTORY: Change the way you remember your past, turn negatives into positives, and re frame your life.

  • MOTIVATION: Find your sweet spot in life, a life of purpose/fulfilment.

  • FUTURE EXPERIENCE: Achieve goal clarity and set goals on autopilot from the heart.

  • PHOBIAS: Make fears and anxieties dissolve.

  • HAPPINESS: Bring peace and happiness to yourself and others.


Personal Benefits 


Human Being are the only species who are endowed with unique ability to exercise their choice. NLP opens the doors to more choices than previously imagined thus creating more opportunities for growth.


The workshop is divided into modules to simplify content, practice what is learnt and facilitate immediate use in daily life to accrue the benefits.


Subjective learnings of NLP are best learnt by practice. This workshop offers the guidance and safe environment for highly interactive practice.


As it an experiential learning, some of the subjective benefits are immediate and many more subjective and objective benefits follow over the long term.


Business Benefits


NLP helps make Communication more effective to achieve desired business outcomes and goals.


NLP helps develop competencies that creates better relationships, and trust with internal and external customers of the organization thereby unlocking the potential of the organization.

Course Highlights -

  • Practical learnings for Immediate use of as well as lifelong benefits.

  • Transformational practical hands-on experiential learning.

  • 40 hours of training filled with exercises working with different participants.

  • Certificate of participation for claiming Professional Development Units (PDU's)

  • Basic NLP Practitioner Certification from NFNLP on successful course completion and payment of certification fees.

  • Course materials and handouts will be supplied to all the participants.

  • A comprehensive reference manual for use during the training any refer anytime thereafter. The manual provides techniques, in a step-by-step manner, that you can use with anyone.


What is expected from the participants?


  • A desire to bring about positive changes in your life.

  • An attitude of curiosity, playfulness, openness/honesty, and tenderness which are all useful in learning the NLP techniques.

  • After registering for the 5-day workshop, you may schedule a personal one to one pre-workshop appointment with the Trainer to derive maximum benefits from the program.

Course Fee: (Inclusive of GST)

Workshop Details


Dates: To Be Scheduled

Timings: 9.00 AM to 6.00 PM. (40 hours)

Venue: Hotel VITS, Near Chakala Metro Station, Andheri Kurla Road, Andheri East, Mumbai 400 059.


*International Accreditation: 

NLP Basic Practitioner Certificate along with free 1 year membership from NFNLP, USA @ 5000/- additional cost which is payable directly to trainer.

Registration & Payment -

Participants can pay through Paytm Gateway 


scan QR code below


pay through internet banking / NEFT - 

NEFT Details - 

Bank Name : ICICI Bank

(Beneficiary Name : Project Management Inst Mumbai Chapter

Account Number : 120605000676

Branch : Aarey Road, Goregaon (E)

Account Type : Current

NEFT Code: ICIC0001206


send us payment screen shot on or

Know your faculty 
Rakesh Gupta.png

Mr. Rakesh Gupta

Happiness Coach (Life & Business)


Rakesh is a certified NLP Trainer from NFNLP (National Federation of NLP, Florida, USA), Certified Project Management Professional (PMP, USA), and qualified electronics engineer with decades of experience in manufacturing, recruitment, IT, software development, consulting, and other business roles.


Rakesh has always been intrigued by the human mind, behavior, and human ability to harness the individual potential to its maximum. Since 2010, his passion has been Self Development, Philosophy, Spirituality, Meditation, and NLP. 


He shares the vision of Happiness, Integration, Innovation, Inspiration, and Service with individuals and companies through coaching, consulting, and workshops.


He has authored books and also writes articles through the site Learn and Excel and associated channels. (

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