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PMI Chapter Xchange - Season 4 event 9

Imagine a world where project managers are empowered to lead their teams to success in new and innovative ways. A world where project managers use artificial intelligence to automate tasks and gain insights into their projects. A world where project managers use virtual reality and augmented reality to collaborate with team members from all over the world. And a world where project managers use data analytics to make better decisions and improve project outcomes.
This is the future of project management. And with the right skills and mindset, project managers can play a leading role in shaping the future of work.
Join us for a panel discussion with leading experts in project management as they explore the future of the profession.
This is a #pmichapterXchange collaborative event of 26-way collaboration between the PMI Chapters of; Mumbai, Netherlands, South Africa, Sri Lanka, Phoenix, New Zealand, Zimbabwe, Indonesia, Gujarat, Lima Peru, Southern Alberta, Sao Paulo, Kenya, Ghana, Greece, Puget Sound, Poland, Alaska, United Arab Emirates, Bangladesh, Nigeria, Cameroon, Germany, Luxembourg, Turkiye and Madrid Spain while we explore Project Management and the Future of Work ! Our supporting chapters are PMI Japan and PMI Jalisco, Mexico and PMI Taipei, Taiwan
This event is open to everyone, regardless of your experience or expertise in project management. We encourage you to join us for this exciting and informative discussion.

Dr. Harold Kerzner (Guest speaker)

Spencer Horn (Session moderator, USA, North America)

Nadun Gomes (Sri Lanka, Asia)

Joanna Agyepong Agyare ( Ghana, Africa)

Mario H Trentim ( Brazil, Latin America)

Amany Nuseibeh (Australia, ANZ)

Yolanda Cabrera-Sybesma (Netherlands, Europe)

Wait no more. 

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Friday, 17 November, 2023

19:30 IST (GMT +5:30)

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This event is open to both members and non-members.

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