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“E” for Entrepreneur

If the life of an entrepreneur had a soundtrack, it would most definitely be - "Mein Zindagi Ka Saath Nibhata Chala Gaya..." Taking each day as it comes , crossing every obstacle, pushing away every worry to the attic of the mind - a brief character sketch of - drumroll - 'The Entrepreneur '.

This applause is also a figment of our minds as we cross the many landmarks, set for ourselves, without anyone knowing how many hoops we have jump through to pass each one! Every new day is like a day on the sets of ‘Shark Tank’. Proving our mettle to each customer anew, selling our ideas as wares and our imaginative minds grappling with the concept of monetizing our creativity.

So, when did this word enter the world of Doctors & Engineers because no one ever heard their child say, "Mom when I grow up, I want to be an entrepreneur!” Did our parents even know this word or should the credit for making it popular go to the Late Sridevi in ‘English Vinglish’?

Economies are powered by innovation and entrepreneurs bring more than that to the table. We attune our vision to turn it into a business (small cottage industries too), provide employment and impact the immediate community we belong to, if not a larger audience. When others noticed that entrepreneurs are creating new markets, building resilient communities with common interests (social media playing a very pivotal role), generating wealth and bringing about social change is when a seat was set at the table. Whether you are a small-business, investment, or an online entrepreneur (influencers being the new sub-breed), all are definitely - independent thinkers, creative problem solvers , optimistic and focussed. One trait that needs to be worked on though (me included) is juggling everything on our own.

Considering the growing awareness and importance, will that day come when there is an ‘E-kit’ (entrepreneur kit) just like a doctor or kitchen set for kids? What will it include , I imagine? 3 books for sure – What to do with an idea?, Who moved my Cheese, and Money Management. For me this pretty much sums up an ‘E for Entrepreneur’ .

Priya Kapil Ballani is a Mass Media graduate and professional with 10 years’+ experience across Corporate Communications, Public Relations [PR], Advertising, Branding, Events and Content Writing. She has worked with companies such as Pfizer & B. Braun Medical amongst others. Currently, Priya is an Entrepreneur-in-action, handling her own online personalized gifts business and taking up short term content writing projects.

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